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Founded by a group of friends drinking in the sewers of Minsk, Belarus, Weed & Dolphins started as a live act for their vocalist’s one-man-band 'cloud-punk' home project. With their 80-90’s post-punk/grunge with chopped-n-screwed rap refrains, monotonous spoken word verses and trippy vocal melodies, the underground formation has slowly been climbing their way up to the surface.

“Something between sequenced freak-punk of Atom and His Package and lazy dream-pop of Beach Fossils” -

Ever since debut Islandkid Cassette the music spread organically among retro DIY aesthetic lovers, while Weed & Dolphins proved themselves as a live force to be reckoned with. After early gigs and festivals in Russia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Serbia, Estonia, Lithuania and Hungary with appearances at Ment Ljubljana, What’s next in Music? and Budapest Showcase Hub, Weed & Dolphins have slowly been moving west with showcases at ESNS 2019 and Waves Vienna 2020. Keep an eye out, new music is expected soon.

Territory: Europe