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Shelter Boy has created his own distinct style and blends dreamy guitar sounds with raw style vocals. The result can be classified somewhere between indie-rock and dream-pop.

On his previous EP Mirage Morning (2019) a refreshing effortlessness distracts from the actual engagement with his own complex emotional world. It’s back and forth between the euphoria after a successful backside heel-flip and the struggles of everyday life.

Shelter Boy tries to find himself in the turmoil that is his music and his life. Long days and even longer nights inspire his songs, which he writes and demos at home in his apartment. The home-demos are available on Spotify on Mirage Morning (Home Recordings) early versions of the songs which were later re-recorded at befriended producers Sebastian Schütze and Bernhard Pausch’s recording studio in Berlin.

He gained his first on-stage and band-experience as the co-frontman and guitarist of the indie band Still Trees before he decided to pursue a solo career in order to realise his pipe dreams. When he is not on the road with his band the Shelly Family he can be seen on his own, accompanied only by his electric guitar. While performing with the full band will result in adventurous performances and musical excursions, the more intimate solo appearance is also able to convey the same atmosphere of love and youthful frivolousness.

In 2019 Shelter Boy has performed at several big festivals in Germany (Artlake, Immergut, Rocken Am Brocken, …) and has opened for Gus Dapperton, Yakob Ogawa and Omar Apollo. In January and February of 2020 he has completed his first headline-tour throughout Germany.

Before the COVID-19 lockdown, Shelter Boy has performed a couple of shows with Norwegian dreampop star Boy Pablo.

Jan Wehn about his upcoming Single "Calm Me Down" (release on 9th October): With a title like “Calm Me Down” one expects a track to come in as an epically melancholic ballad. That anticipation is squashed the moment Shelter Boy’s new single kicks off. From the very first second onward, bass and drums tumble you over and prepare you for a serious Britpop-throwback vibe in the hook. Shelter Boy sings in a determined voice, as if he’s just ‘letting it all out’. “Calm Me Down” is Shelter Boy’s bittersweet way of letting us know exactly where he stands. The song tells of being entangled in one’s own thoughts and getting caught between alternating highs and lows. About days that pass by far too fast, about running away from oneself and the deep longing to actually slow down and take a deep breath, preferably with the company of another.

Territory: Netherlands