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Salvador Sobral has released a new album titled bpm. Recorded mostly at Le Manoir Studios in the south of France in January this year, bpm is the first album composed entirely by Salvador, together with his inseparable partner Leo Aldrey.

The songs on bpm came from an initial concept developed during a retreat in the south of Portugal, where Leo and Salvador sketched out the foundations of the album, which contains 9 songs in Portuguese, two in English, and two in Spanish, and is testament to Salvador’s enduring versatility and global vision.

Apart from the rhythm section that has accompanied him since his first album – André Rosinha (double bass) and Bruno Pedroso (drums) – Salvador has added several new members to the lineup for this project: André Santos (guitars), Abe Rábade (piano), and Leo Aldrey (keyboards and effects).

Salvador Sobral is one of Portugal’s most international artists, thanks to his resounding triumph at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with a song composed by his sister Luisa Sobral, which also achieved the highest score in the history of the festival. He has lived in the United States, Mallorca, and Barcelona (where he studied at the prestigious Taller de Musics). During this time, he developed several projects and discovered his musical identity.

In 2016, Salvador released his first solo album, Excuse me, and in March 2019, almost two years after his triumph at Eurovision, he released his second, Paris, Lisboa, in which he sang in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, and which led to an extensive tour throughout Europe.

Along with his solo work, he has been involved in numerous projects of different origins that have taken him to other musical realms: Noko Woi, Alexandre Search, Mutrama, Alma Nuestra, Quinta das Canções, and most recently, Salvador Sobral sings Brel.

Territory: Benelux