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“Glitter Voice” - Rolling Stone

On November 26, 2021, Nina June released her new album 'Meet Me on The Edge of Our Ruin'.

On her album, the singer and songwriter tells about traces of past romances, changing relationships, past friendships and her concerns about the relationship between human kind and nature. “From the point where we can look back on the ruins we leave behind, an invitation to set a new course for the future unfolds. Where do I go from here?”

In between lockdowns, Nina traveled back and forth to London several times to work with producer Duncan Mills (Florence + The Machine, Jake Bugg, Jamie Cullum). Together they combine the characteristic and organic sounds of piano and guitar with gritty soundscapes, to give sound to the ruins that Nina sings about. Sounds of wandering people, churning waters and furious natural disasters form the bedrock for Nina's lyrics and melodies, strung together by the soaring string arrangements of Sally Herbert (Björk, Mumford & Sons, London Grammar).

‘Meet Me on The Edge of Our Ruin’ is the follow-up to Nina June's album ‘Bon Voyage’ and the EP ‘Shadows & Riddles’, whose songs have been listened to over 25 million times on streaming services. The artist played shows from Amsterdam to New York and from Berlin to Milan. Several of her songs have been used in (inter)national films and TV series. In 2018, the singer-songwriter won the ‘Zilveren Notekraker’ for the most outstanding artistic achievement of that year.

Nina's music can best be described as 'melancholic nostalgia' and thus evokes comparisons with artists such as Ane Brun, Air and The Paper Kites.

★★★★★ “This is a creation by an artist who has mastered every aspect of her craft in every detail” - Lust For Life

“as intensely beautiful as 'Jeremiah Blue', with its grand vocal line and dramatic crescendo, we won't often hear anything comparable again this year.” - NRC

“Sung with a masterly voice that will make even the climate deniers feel warm” - Oor

"Amsterdam-based Nina June has a voice that sustains the classic female era chanteuses that delivered wonderful songs with excellent tonality, phrasing & intonation.” - Americana Magazine

‘The 10-track album mixes eloquent strings, glistening keys, as well as airy guitars in an artful arrangement that highlights poignant songwriting that elevates her already impressive vocals.” - American Songwriter

Territory: Europe